Child Protection Training New Plymouth Thursday 10 December 2020 9am-1pm

Child Protection Training New Plymouth Thursday 10 December 2020 9am-1pm



This training is designed for all staff, whether paid or unpaid working with children and young people. It will give you a greater understanding of safeguarding and child protection in your role. This is essential training will meet your obligations under your organisations Child Protection Policy.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance, this can be used for proof of training if requested in an audit under the Children’s Act
(if you receive government funding directly or indirectly).

This training is offered at an introductory level.

Workshops are interactive and involve group work, audio visuals and scenarios to really enhance understanding.


What will be covered:

  • Child abuse and the impact on children and young people
  • Identifying and responding to child abuse and neglect
  • Keeping young people at the centre of good practice
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Recruiting Safely
  • Safe working practices to keep children and staff safe (including professional boundaries)


Location: New Plymouth Venue TBC

Date: Thursday 10th December 2020

Time: 9am-1pm


Price $15 - this training is subsidised by The Wheelhouse, you are required to book via their event page:



Testimonials from previous community trainings


"Absolutely loved, it was so good being exposed to this kind of information. I came away better informed of areas I didn’t even consider. So thank you very much for doing this I know our group of teachers really enjoyed it and will encourage others to attend in the future". 
Primary School Teacher


"Fantastic thank you Leanne. The course was very informative and well presented".  
Primary School Deputy Principal 


"Really appreciated the opportunity to attend the recent Child Protection Training in Levin. I went home with my head buzzing with a lot of information, and feeling more confident about how I would need to move forward should a child disclose to me or a parent raise concerns with me. What a great facilitator you are, I like the way you kept the evening moving forward with a great balance of information, videos and discussion". 
Early Childhood Teacher


"Great at giving relevant examples, answering such complex questions. Really great to have a kōrero with".   
Sport Coach


"Well informed, very clear, empathetic and direct".   

Community Church Worker


"All information that was given was very clear and easy to understand and follow".   
Youth Worker

"Everything was covered in good detail, videos and interactive activities was a great way to learn". 

Community Lifeguard


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