Child Protection Policy

Having a Child Protection Policy in place highlights your organisation’s commitment to the protection of children. It provides clear guidelines and steps to report child abuse and neglect. With a policy in place and implemented across the organisation, staff and volunteers feel supported when working with children and empowered to take action if a situation arises. 

Funding providers are now  beginning to request the organisation who is applying to have policy in place to ensure the money is being spent in an organisation who takes safeguarding children seriously, for government funding this is a mandatory request through the Children's Act 2014. 


Writing a policy for an organisation can be a daunting task. To ensure it aligns with current legislation, it is important to get the policy and procedures right to ensure swift and appropriate responses.


Each organisation has a different need depending on their environment and a Child Protection Policy must reflect this. Leanne tailors her service to meet your organisation’s needs.


If your organisation already has a policy or is looking to develop one, Leanne can assist and support with each stage of the development.


Once the policy is completed, Leanne can train relevant staff to ensure understanding, compliance and responsibility.

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