Child Protection Officer Training

Did you know that organisations working with children should have a ‘Child Protection Officer’ with responsibility for Child Protection?  This workshop is for those identified as the ‘Designated Person’ or those wishing to create a ‘Child Protection Officer’ for concerns and information relating to Child Protection. 

In order for our staff and volunteers to pass on their concerns they need trust that who they are speaking with is going to deal with the situation appropriately and professionally and also have the knowledge to know what to do and where to go when a disclosure is made to them. The Child Protection Officer will have a variety of roles and it is imperative they understand what to do when an issue arises to ensure safe practices for all concerned. Keeping themselves neutral and not having their own experiences or views  impede their judgement to determine if the disclosure/concern is escalated to an agency or not.


This workshop will include:


  • Understanding the role of the Designated Person for Child Protection.

  • Understanding how to act professionally and confidently in all matters relating to the role.

  • How to make a Report of Concern and respond effectively to a child who does discloses.

  • Understanding the barriers inhibiting children from disclosing abuse.

  • Understanding the barriers to staff/volunteers reporting concerns and develop methods of overcoming them.

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